Preset Bodywork Cupping Therapy Deep Massage Therapy



At Clinic-al we specialise in Massage. As this is the gold standard for any soft tissue condition.

Whether you have had an accident, repetitive strain injury, are a keen sports man or woman, you suffer from poor posture or posture or are just in pain for whatever reason, then we are the people for you! We opened in 2002 and have been expanding over the last few years. Our clinic, which has a double treatment and training facility, is situated in Hillside, Southport.

Pre & Post Event


If you are taking part in any sport at any level you would benefit from a pre event or post event massage.

Pre event can be performed anytime from two days until just before the sports event, increasing the circulation of blood to the muscles, tendons and ligaments allowing them to be more flushed and oxygenated which will increase tissue and range of joint movement.

Post event

As soon as possible after the event, post event massage helps to flush out the toxins and lactic acid built up produces by the exercise. This reduces swelling from delayed on-set muscle soreness and assists with the exchanges of fresh fluid and nutrients to promote the healing process.


Whether you need supporting at a sporting match be it rugby, football, triathlon, marathon, we can tailor services for a team or just one on one be it boxing, M.M.A., jousting or whatever! Even back stage at festivals or in the green room for a band just before they perform. (This is what we love!)

Regular Prevention Treatments

Preventative treatments are amongst our most popular of are services used by the majority of our clientele. If you are taking part in any sport at any level you would benefit and get fantastic performance enhancement through our range of different skills. There is so much benefit from having regular massage and should be part of your training regime, maintaining that optimum level of soft tissue performance, instead of waiting until your injured to visit a therapist.

Swedish Massage


This is used as an underlying current through all of our treatments.

Remedial/Medical/Deep Tissue


Having a sound knowledge of anatomy is crucial for these disciplines. We would use posture analysis to look at the body from different angles and see the body move in functional movement patterns. The testing and palpating of muscles, tendons and ligaments, looking for abnormal tissue. For example, a client may be complaining of a tight and painful upper neck at the back (upper trapezius muscle). When looking at this person from the side, the head is a lot further in front of the body! This means the muscles at the front of the neck are the tight ones but the body likes to be balanced and so tries its best to pull the head back (upper trapezius). This is a tug of war that no-one wins. Here is a saying which explains this:

The victim is screaming out in pain while the criminals get away with it!

This is very true throughout the whole of the body, side to side, front to back and diagonals. The body has it all going on. You will be a sum of your life from hobbies, sitting, sleeping positions, working and accidents. You will be your own unique jigsaw puzzle for us to work out. Going back to the person with the painful neck, we would release the muscles at the front and do some work on the ones at the back, getting to the root of the problem and eliminating the cause making our client feel like a new person!

Deep tissue

This is designed to relieve severe tension in the in body. Often recommended for individuals who experience consistent pain or are involved in heavy physical labour (such as athletes) and patients who have sustained physical injury.

All of these massage disciplines overlap one another and are tailored to individual needs. It is your time you tell us what your aim is?